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With Love at Christmas Release Blitz!!

Martinis And Mistletoe by Delaney Foster The perfect martini, an unexpected friendship, and a moment under the mistletoe might be just what Brynn Robley needs to discover the true meaning of Christmas.
The Ballet by Ellie Masters All Sally Levenson wants is to stop grieving over her dead husband. She wants the pain to stop. To breathe again. One night at the Ballet with Sugar Plums and a Nutcracker turned Prince and Sally's Christmas wish might just come true.
Second Chance Christmas by JL Leslie Even when it's unexpected. Even when he lied. Even when you shouldn't want it, but you do... more than anything. Love deserved a second chance... Especially at Christmas.
Copperfield Lane by JL Long Where wishes come true and hearts fall in love.

STAINED by JM Walker Follow Asher Donovan and Meeka Cline back to the beginning to be reminded what Christmas is truly all about.
12 Letters by Noelle Bodhaine A family's journey through deployment.  A wife and mother's way of coping. And the …

Cover Reveal - Never Hold Back by J.A. Essen

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✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸ COVER REVEAL 
Title: Never Hold Back (First Responders #2)
Author: J.A. Essen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 16, 2016
Model/Photographer: Nathan Hainline 
We all have to live through it.
We all have to figure out how to move past it and continue to live.
Rachel – Spoiled, little, blonde, rich girl with no grip on the real world. No grip until an accident puts her in a public hospital with ‘real world’ people. When the officer that shows up to take her statement turns out to be the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes on, Rachel is pulled into his life and her world is put on its head. 
Zander moved to California four years ago to get past the greatest loss in his life. Love was not something he thought he would ever feel again… or that he wanted to feel again. Little did he know that his world would be turned upside down by a pretty little blonde in a…

More Than A Memory by Marie James Cover Reveal

“You’re gorgeous. Even better looking than the day I fell in love with you.”
The words are a constant reminder of what true love is. Olivia Dawson’s alarm goes off at the same time every day and she disappears into her room to hear Duncan’s voice, see his face, miss him even more for being untouchable. Olivia loves with her entire heart, and her love for Duncan is unmatched, but there’s something about her new roommate she just can’t seem to ignore—no matter how hard she tries.  “I miss you so much.” “Can’t be more than I miss you.”
The words are a constant reminder of how unavailable Olivia is, and Bryson Daniels isn’t one for competition off the baseball field, but since the moment he knocked on the door to his new apartment and his roommate “Ollie” wasn’t who he expected, he can’t help but consider bending a few of his rules—even if it means heeding to Olivia’s.
I love you, sweet cheeks. Chat with you later?”
Bryson hears the conversations through the paper thin walls, but there’s …

Double Team by Sabrina Paige

We took a smallhiatus from reviewing to focus on family for a little while, but we are here to review Double Team by Sabrina Paige, well MaRanda is. From what I can see, she absolutely loved it!

MaRanda – Double Team by Sabrina Paige

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Grace, Aiden and Noah... a recipe for... AMAZING, HOT, AMAZING, sometimes FILTHY, AMAZING sex! Did I say amazing?
Grace is the President's daughter. And while you can maybe expect them to be "normal", let's face it, people from the limelight sometimes have stuffy lives. Does Grace? Maybe a little... does she stay that way? Stuffy? No, but she does get stuffed ;)
Grace meets both men on separate and HILARIOUS occasions!
You think you know what's going to happen, but I swear, I SWEAR you don't! I could not put this book down. It was nothing short of what I've come to expect from Ms. Paige. Hilarious and hot. Her characters always make me think too. The backgrounds of the men and Grace are so …