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WELL hello, all of our lovely readers! Today is Round 3 of our Mile High attending authors reviews (Mile High Author Event - Facebook). MaRanda has reviewed an amazing book called Bright Side by Kim Holden. Anybody heard of it??
I thought you might have..
I am going to be reviewing two books. We are getting awfully close to September 17th and I want to get all of my reviews in. I will be reviewing Cage by Harper Sloan & Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker.

MaRanda – Bright Side by Kim Holden

What an emotional roller coaster. I have not cried like this while reading a book for 3.5 years. Yeah, sure I've cried, but not like this. WOW! I love this book so hard too, LOVE IT. Amazing amazing story. I feel dumbfounded, struggling for words. Kate is wonderful, as are Keller and Gus. So well done, dude. ;)
Keller... Oh. My. Gawd. Seriously. Is there a better BBF? Man... He just pulls you in.
Kate draws you in too. With her free spirit, her love of the word "dude" (which is also my fa…
Round 2! Thursd…Er.. Friday Review!
We are a day late on our reviews, but please forgive us! School started this week, we have kids in sports, husbands with crazy work hours, etc.. We’ve barely had any time to breathe, let alone read and write. Anyway, we’re here now. J
We are continuing with the theme of Mile High Author Event attending authors for our reviews today. MaRanda has chosen Raw by Belle Aurora and I have chosen Seduction & Snacks by Tara Sivec (queue fangirl dance…).

MaRanda – RAW by Belle Aurora

I dislike reviews with spoilers. So all I can say is that this was an amazing book. I feel a little shaken now that I’ve finished it! I want a sequel!
I had to process this, that paragraph was about a coherent as I could be for a long time. Raw, left me Raw!! Seriously. I couldn’t get into a book for two weeks. That’s a FOREVER amount of time for me.
And you think…A book about a stalker left you raw? How? I honestly cannot explain without telling you spoilers. So... Please, please …

Tuesday Review & Mile High Author Event

Tuesday Review & Mile High Author Event We have exciting news for us, and hopefully for you.. We will be attending the Mile High Author Event in Denver, CO next month. We thought it would be kind of fucking awesome to dedicate our reviews, from now until then, to books by attending authors. Some of which are a few you MIGHT possibly have heard of: Tara Sivec, J.A. Huss, Harper Sloan (heavenly music plays – AAAAAH!), Jamie McGuire, A.L Jackson, Tijan, Jay Crownover, Corrine Michaels… Just to name a few (For a full list of authors and more information visit Mile High’s Facebook page (Mile High Author Event))… Tonight MaRanda will be reviewing 18 by J.A. Huss and I will be reviewing Slip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins.

MaRanda – 18 by J.A. Huss Again... where do I even begin? This book, I almost devoured in one night. I was supposed to be sleeping, OOPS! Adulting is hard to do on 4 hours of sleep... BUT THIS WAS SO WORTH the "book hangover" I had!! SO SO WORTH IT!

Shannon sta…

S&M Saturday - Dirty, Bad, Wrong..

Welcome to our very first S&M Saturday!!
The idea for our blog name was sort of thrust upon us, by some divine being.. Two best friends, who love romance novels, that JUST happen to have the initials S & M?? I’m not personally a strong believer in coincidence.
You might also be wondering a very important question.. Do we participate in the BDSM lifestyle or do we simply enjoy reading books about it? I’m sorry to disappoint, but neither of us actually participate in the lifestyle, however, our curiosity HAS been piqued by the books we’ve read and new friends we’ve made along the way. I mean, who doesn’t love their hair pulled a little and a spanking or 10?

On with the show! For our post today, MaRanda has reviewed a book she thinks reflects today’s theme. It is called.. “Dirty, Bad, Wrong” by Jade West.

Ha! This book was WAY DIFFERENT from anything that I have ever read!! In a good way! I certainly haven’t experienced the things in this book, but isn’t that half (or more) of the f…

We're back! Thursday Book Review

We’re back!
*Note* We are planning on putting book reviews up on Tuesdays & Thursdays. If you have any suggestions or requests for books to be reviewed, simply message us or comment. We’ll do our best to accommodate everyone.
Tonight MaRanda has reviewed.. Twisted Truths & Leveled Lies by S.K. Lessner:

I don't know what to say. I need to sit and think for a bit. I'm torn with how the book ended and need to think about it before an official review comes. I will have one soon though.
Okay. So I've thought and thought about it. I don't know exactly how to say any of my opinions without spoilers. So I will be as honest as I can without giving too much away!
I cannot say enough how much I loved this story. It was a real nail biter. It was beautifully written, the characters were all amazing. Yep even the jerks, so well written. You can't help but hate the villains and love the heroes wholeheartedly. The only thing I didn't "love" was the ending. Hahaha,…

Welcome all smut lovers!

Steph’s Introduction.. When the idea of starting a blog first materialized in my brain, I knew immediately, that it had to be resolutely centered around books. Books, books, books. Bookie, book, books… (You all know you just read that in your best Ron Burgundy voices).
Specifically, romance and erotica. Or, as the R&E community like to affectionately call it, smut. There’s something about a beautiful love story laced with hot, sometimes kinky, sex that just gets my mind racing. In a good way. Gets my motor running, if you know what I mean? *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
I originally battled with starting the blog on my own, but quickly realized that creating it with my best friend, my person, would ensure that no matter what the outcome, I’d have that funny bitch to keep me entertained!
MaRanda and I decided that a little Q&A to help you get to know us a little bit better would be a good way to start.. I’m also including my playlist that I listened to while I typed this up, because…